Friday, September 30, 2011

Search, Ponder & Bake! Scripture Cookies

This is a really fun activity that can be done with a variety of ages and situations. I am in charge of the Family Home Evenings for the young singles in my church and coming up with exciting activities each week can be exhausting, but this one was quite a success!  My sister also adapted this to use as a Sharing Time lesson. As you'll see from the recipe at the end of the post, the ingredients to make the cookies have to be searched for in the scriptures. We split into several groups and had the ingredients measured out on a table to make it a little easier/cleaner.  Once they read the scripture to figure out the ingredient, they would come up and ask for them.  Most of the ingredients are obvious, but a few of them take a little bit of pondering. Each group had their own mixing bowl and cookie sheet and once their cookies were made up they put them in the oven and enjoyed each other's company while the cookies baked.  We also had milk to drink with the freshly baked cookies. 

I am a firm believer that the announcement sets the tone for the whole activity so I made up a couple batches of the cookies and tagged them with these headers.  The specific information about the activity was on the back of the header.  Everyone was really excited for the activity!

.....And here's the recipe! I used our regular chocolate chip cookie recipe and looked up the scripture references for the ingredients.  (Thanks to the internet, searching the scriptures is a whole lot easier than it used to be!).  Luckily, all but one of the original ingredients were found so I just made a simple substitution.
If you have any trouble figuring out the exact ingredients, here are the actual ingredients!

Psalms 22:29 - Fat (Shortening)
Psalms 55:21 - Butter
Jeremiah 6:20 - Sweet Cane (White and Brown Sugar)
Jeremiah 1:11 - Almond Tree (Almond Extract)
Luke 11:12 - Egg
1 Kings 4:22 - Flour
Galatians 5:9 - Leaven (Baking Soda)
Doctrine & Covenants 101:39 - Salt
Proverbs 17:1 - Morsel (chocolate chips, m&m's, etc)



paint_horse_milo said...

great idea! super creative, my LDS friend. ;)

Lisa said...

I would love to share this on my blog if you don't mind if I borrow the idea. From one fellow LDS gal to another. Thanks

Lisa Scrappingpinlady


Anonymous said...

Hey! I was wondering if you could send me a copy of the recipe card so I could use them for a sharing time? They look adorable--you have so many great ideas on your blog, I love it!!

Thanks for sharing your talents!

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